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Apple, this is a lie, please, please remove it from your web page!!

作者: orcas

I bought a 12 inch powerbook rev. A around March 2003.  In general, I was quite happy about the powerbook, even there were overheat, corrosion pits on palm rest, etc., problems.  While I noticed that the battery was degrading gradually, it did not bother me too much as long as the battery and the operation system can reliably report the amount of charge it left and gave some idea how I can use my laptop in mobile.  I take care my battery as I know that a Li-Ion battery can only have certain amount of charge/discharge cycle.  According to Apple, I should be able to charge/discharge fully about 300 cycles and still retain 80% of charge.  If I don't charge/discharge fully every two day, I should be able to use the battery around 2 years and still have 80% of its original performance.  When my laptop pass 19 months mark around few weeks ago, the battery already degrade to certainly less than 80%, but I still felt good since I can still use the battery forbetween 2 and 2.5 hours.  

However, one day, I needed to use my printer and I was using battery power of my powerbook.  While the meter showed that I still had 100% battery power,  I could not finish printing a single page before the laptop fell into sleep by itself.  I was shocked.  From 100% to zero in less than 10 minutes?  The battery can hold  much longer just a few days ago.  I thought  that I might need to rest the PMU and I needed to recalibrate the battery.  I did, along with all other magic trick (reset NVRAM, remove power management preference,etc). There was no effect.  The battery still lasts much shorter and the battery meter reported by the operation system is not accurate at all.  When it reported that the battery still holds 70% or so, the operation system suddenly fell into sleep without any warning.

Although I did have a plan to buy a new battery to get 4 hours usage for future traveling, I did not like the fact I had to change a battery because it might have a defect in the design of the battery or the PMU on the logic board.  I went to an Applestore and told the "Genius" I had a defect battery.  He simply asked how old my battery was and I told him, then he basically said if your battery was old it did not matter whether there was a defect in the design of the battery, you needed to get a new one.  He did not even care to see the weird  behavior of the battery.  He refused to check my battery and only insisted that I needed a new battery.  I told him I did understand the battery would get old and can not hold as much charge as a new battery. I accepted the fact, but the sudden changes of the charging and discharging behavior was not a normal behavior.  I showed him the similar problems had been reported online.  At the end, he still insisted that he did not know how I used the battery and if my battery was old, he did not care no matter whether I had Applecare or not.  Is this what "Applecare" means?  I was so disappointed and I did not even want to buy any new battery to test it out.  I hoped to show more and more people how bad Apple is on their batteries.

After I got home, I realized I forgot I did keep a record of my battery charging/discharging history.   I did it for fun to know how my battery degraded.   Since I have 14 month battery history up to 15 minutes resolution, I can estimate how many charging/discharging cycles that my battery.  To my surprise, I have only around 110 fully charging/discharging cycles, assuming the battery should hold at least 80% (3200 mAh) of its full capacity, during 14 months.  It is hard to believe that I have more than 300 cycles in the 19 month history of the battery.  As the figures below show, there is indeed abnormal charging/discharging behavior recently.

Since the "Genius" refused that there was a problem of my battery except it was old, there are few possibilities: (1) The battery is indeed dead, but it did not reach its design specification that Apple claims on their web site, namely, the battery has a defect from beginning but I have no way to know in the first year of its life.  (2) The battery is OK, but some recent update of the operation system screw up the behavior of the battery.  (3) The battery is dead and Apple lies about its specification in its web site and does not want to take any responsibility.

I really like to know how Apple get this number of 300 cycles.  Do they really have any lab test result? Or, they simply think no customer will test that statement.  If, when I purchase my laptop, Apple tells me, no matter what I do, I should replace my battery after 15 months, I am fine with that.  I would enjoy using my battery as much as possible and forget about finding power plugs everywhere to prolong the life span of the battery.  However, Apple tells us 300 cycles and 80%, which is simply not true in my case. 

Apple, please be honest to your costumers and take responsibility of what you say.

-- An unhappy customer , orcas@#osxchat, Dec 5, 2004

The abnormal charging and discharging behavior started after about 9500 hours.

Total  abs(delta charge) + abs(delta discharge) = 697923,  697923/2/3200 = 109.1 cycles
The maximum capacity dropped below 80% long time ago.

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  • 在做出這些指控之前,請問你有「properly maintained」你的 PowerBook or iBook battery 嘛?

    作者: Anonymous 匿名 發表時間: 12/06/2004 11:52:00 下午  

  • Since I have the history of my battery, I would like that Apple tells me if I have "properly maintained" the battery. Can Apple tell me what I did is wrong? My usage pattern matched what Apple suggests in the web page. I use my battery during commuting or traveling and plug in office to reduce charging and discharging cycles.

    Further more, this does not seem to be an isolated case, although it might only affect small amount of people. Check thread 1, Thread 2, Thread 3,Google research on 10.3.6 and batteryLet me stress that I have no problem if my battery degrades normally. I felt O.K when the battery could only hold only 60% of its original charge. 60% battery is still a good battery, but a battery can not control how it discharges and charges properly is a defect.

    作者: Blogger orcas 發表時間: 12/07/2004 01:38:00 上午  

  • 我根這位網友有類似情形,不過先請問一下您是用哪一套軟體可以看到電池的紀錄阿,我也很想知道我的!

    我的是第一代PB 12" 867Mhz,這些月來的狀況越來越嚴重通常都是在還有40~50mins的電力就突然自動進入休棉,變成紅色的。如果在約還有一小時電力時切換成「最佳執行效率」就是一樣就直接給我睡著了!上面的時間幾乎是看辛酸的哩~~

    作者: Blogger bm2amb 發表時間: 12/07/2004 10:22:00 上午  




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