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iWork 2005 的多國語文支援

作者: zonble

看樣子iWork 2005的多國語文有著相當大的問題。我之前就提到,Pages與Keynote 2無法以內建的簡體中文字體顯示藏文組合字的問題,而這兩天又看到有人提到,如果在這兩套軟體中,輸入由右而左書寫的語文,例如阿拉伯文以及希伯來文,這兩套軟體無法正確繪製游標的位置,游標永遠會位在段落的最前面、或是最後面,而既然您看不到游標,也就意味著在輸入的時候,會遇到相當大的困擾。而這麼說來,其實從textEdit到Pages、從Keynote 1到keynote 2,在多國語文的處理能力上,其實是退步的,實在非常奇怪。


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  • iWork '05 is not multi-lingo product yet. At least not my copy bought from Australian retail store.

    Standard Apple multi-lingo products have different language support, not just localised for the menu bar but also documentation (user's guide) in other localised languages. Currently localised user's guides are not included in my copy of iWork '05, and the included templates are clearly not for Asian languages.

    My suggestion is to wait for Asian version of the iWork ’05.

    作者: Blogger Antony Shen 發表時間: 2/01/2005 05:41:00 上午  

  • The best way to do is... send Apple a feedback (or a wishlist)


    There are some suggestions from other people:
    * Pages has some very nifty formatting options within a page, however for some documents it is critical to have some pages in Landscape, and some in Portrait. Implementing a page setup that operates per Section instead of Document would be fantastic.
    * More elaborate Auto text fields for Headers/Footers such as date.
    * A Simple mail merge facility. Those fancy stationary templates that come with Pages lose significance if I cant autopopulate them in some way.
    * The ability to track changes.
    * Perhaps a way to set the application-wide language preference, e.g. Australian English.

    作者: Blogger Antony Shen 發表時間: 2/02/2005 07:38:00 上午  




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